View from the North Rendering - 2012 Renderings - FINAL (2012-05-01)

Riverside Bliss

DevelopmentMaster Plan

The Waterfront mixed-use campus was specifically designed to flawlessly integrate Class A office, modern holistic living opportunities, a main street promenade lined with retail and restaurant locations and a number of outdoor programming options with the goal of attracting thousands of visitors to the The Waterfront each year with dynamic programming events and signature seasonal festivals. With all of this in mind, the developers naturally turned to the key asset: the Lehigh River.

The signature River Walk was designed in first: a destination that was unique to the Lehigh Valley as it is the only place individuals can directly access the Lehigh River from a mixed-use campus. The half-mile garden-lined pathways will bring new life to the banks of the Lehigh River while offering pristine water vistas and garden views for the buildings behind it.

The next goal for the master plan was to tie in office users in order to create new jobs and working opportunities within the city’s urban limits. Given the ideal location with Allentown’s unique Neighborhood Improvement Zone, six brand new office buildings ranging from four to eight stories were placed directly adjacent to the river walk. The first three buildings (560 Waterfront Drive, 615 Waterfront Drive and 645 Waterfront Drive) were all designed with balconies and viewing decks in order to maximize the overall views of the water below.

Next the residential complexes were phased in: three apartment buildings each with unique elements differentiating them slightly while offering more than 425 market-rate apartments. 630 Waterfront Drive and 730 Waterfront Drive each offer internal courtyards and first floor parking spaces for residents while 830 Waterfront Drive offers dynamic views of the Furnace Street plaza and the Lehigh River beyond.

More than 2,900 parking spots are available in three on-site parking structures and more than 800 spaces are available via pull-in parking opportunities as well as surface lots. Two programmable plazas (Allen and Furnace Streets) are designed to work in conjunction with a number of open-air amphitheaters and rain gardens in order to promote a dynamic level of programming on-site.

Retail and restaurant space is programmed into each of the twelve new buildings, giving small business owners a great variety of space in order to accommodate their particular needs. Dining decks are built into each of the riverside buildings in order to give restaurateurs the opportunity to provide their guests with the finest riverside dining options.

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