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Jaindl Properties, Dunn Twiggar, and Michael Dunn Co., together The Waterfront Development Company, was formed in January 2012. Together the three entities reimagined what The Waterfront could be: a mixed-use development along the banks of the Lehigh River that flawlessly integrated Class A office, holistic residential living opportunities, and a vibrant main street promenade offering both retail and restaurant space for tenants, residents and visitors alike.

In just a few short years since their partnership formation in 2012 The Waterfront Development Company put under contract and purchased the twenty-six acre campus, internal leasing and construction teams were recruited, external design and development contractors were organized (for the master plan, 560 Waterfront Drive, 615 Waterfront Drive, and 645 Waterfront Drive,) the project received Phase I final approval, and the dilapidated buildings were demolished on site in preparation for future construction. In March 2015 The Waterfront Development Company purchased three-and-a-half miles of railroad and announced the proposed Riverside Drive: a road designed to improve the access to and from the site even further, expand the residential component, and tie in the 165-mile D&L Heritage Trail. In October 2015 the developers initiated the infrastructure improvements across the full twenty-six acres in preparation for ongoing construction.

Today The Waterfront Development Company continues to grow and evolve the project as market demand and needs shift in order to recognize the full potential of the site. In time, what was once an underutilized industrial curtain, one which sealed off the Lehigh River, will introduce new working opportunities, living accommodations, and a host of outdoor recreational areas designed to bring people back to the banks of the Lehigh River.

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