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The Residences at The Waterfront will be comprised of three separate apartment complexes all offering unique living accommodations for those seeking a safe, vibrant urban campus while still interested in a number of suburban amenities. With approximately 425 market-rate apartments on-site ranging from Junior Singles (600 square feet) to two bedroom lofts (1,900 square feet) The Residences at The Waterfront can accommodate a variety of lifestyles and familial needs.

The Residences at The Waterfront were designed to accommodate a variety of budgets, ranging from millennials to baby boomers and everywhere in between while supplementing the current housing stock throughout the City of Allentown.

At the time The Waterfront’s master plan was designed, the market demanded a significant amount of rentable apartments in our urban cores. With that knowledge all three living complexes were designed as residential apartment complexes with the understanding that, if the market shifted, condominiums could be integrated as requested.


Waterfront Drive

560 Waterfront

Positioned directly across the street from the start of the project’s signature River Walk and Allen Street Plaza, 560 Waterfront will offer incredible panoramic views of the Lehigh River, Waterfront Drive, and Allentown’s skyline.


Waterfront Drive

630 Waterfront Drive

630 Waterfront Drive, the first of three residential complexes to be built at The Waterfront, will offer approximately 125 market-rate apartments, first floor retail and dining locations, as well as in-building parking opportunities for residents.


Waterfront Drive

730 Waterfront

730 Waterfront Drive, the second residential complex planned for The Waterfront, will offer more than 150 residential market-rate apartments in Phase II of the project. With both first floor parking, and a structured lot next door, urban living has never been better.


Waterfront Drive

830 Waterfront

830 Waterfront Drive, the third residential complex planned for The Waterfront, will offer 150 residential market-rate apartments. The northernmost property will offer fantastic views of the Lehigh River over the Furnace Street Plaza.

Master Plan - The Waterfront (2015-11-12)

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