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Ruckus Brewery

The Waterfront Welcomes Ruckus Brewery to the River!

Get used to all the Ruckus in Allentown, because it is here to stay. The plans to revamp our city are well underway with The Waterfront, not to mention an arena, a hotel and now a brewery. Ruckus Brewing, a company established out of New York City, just sealed the deal this past Monday, confirming that they will be taking over the historic Neuweiler brewery, with an anticipated launch in late 2014.

The 4.6-acre property lies on the corner of Liberty Street and Front Street with the Lehigh River located just behind the towering brick building. Ruckus is planning a mixed-use operation that includes the brewery, offices, a visitor’s center and retail space. Beer obviously goes hand-in-hand with food, so to bring the project full circle, Ruckus will also house a restaurant, making the site a true entertainment destination.

Ruckus is eager to bring their craft to their own establishment as it has always been contractually brewed at other manufacturing facilities. The brewery is looking to offer that same opportunity to smaller brewing companies to allow them to expand and grow within the Lehigh Valley.

Historically, the Lehigh Valley has seen several breweries come and go. Between the 1930’s and 1980’s every local brewery that was once thriving, Horlacher, Daufer-Lieberman and Neuweiler, closed their doors. However with the recent successes of Easton’s Weyerbacher Brewing Company and The Allentown/Bethlehem Brew Works, it seems like there is no better time than now for another facility to set up shop.

The history of the Neuweiler Brewery is going to remain even with the redevelopment of the building. According to the Spillman Farmer website, the architecture firm behind the renovations, the “interventions for Ruckus Brewing Co. at former Neuweiler Brewery will reinterpret the site’s history for Allentown’s emerging future. Inside and out, the project’s materials will reflect Allentown’s industrial and manufacturing history, as well as the specific history of the Neuweiler site.”

The Waterfront Redevelopment Partners welcome our new neighbor and hope that Ruckus Brewing Company finds tremendous success in their expansion!

For more information on Ruckus Brewery, visit their site here.

Zac Jaindl

Written by Zac Jaindl

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