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The Waterfront BlogArt and Architecture | World Projects Coming Online in 2019

Art and Architecture | World Projects Coming Online in 2019

It’s crucial for developers to research and explore architectural projects all over the world. It’s about perspective. At times we can become victim to our own silo thinking without imagining what opportunities lie in other project ideas. That being said, we’ve been following and admiring some incredible projects that are slated to come online in 2019. This comes after years and years of planning, design, and execution. Some of these architectural plans hark back to the nineties. Regardless, these renowned architectural firms, such as Heatherwick Studio and Zaha Hadid Architects, were dedicated to quality and would not allow their projects to sacrifice in any way. As developers, we wholly adopt this philosophy as well. We’re eager to see the final product, and we won’t be surprised to see some international accolades being served very soon.


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