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Art and Architecture | World Projects Coming Online in 2019

It’s crucial for developers to research and explore architectural projects all over the world. It’s about perspective. At times we can become victim to our own silo thinking without imagining what opportunities lie in other project ideas. That being said, we’ve been following and admiring some incredible projects that are slated to come online in 2019. […]

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Urban Green Space: Improving Mental Wellness

When The Waterfront developers, Mark and Zachary Jaindl, saw an opportunity to redevelop post-industrial urban space on the Lehigh River in Allentown they realized they had much more than a typical multi-use project, they were providing mental health benefits. The positive effects of urban green space are immediate and long lasting according to studies done […]

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Creative Placemaking: The Arts

It’s an exhilarating experience when art and culture intervene with placemaking communities.  These components of creative placemaking can add value to many aspects of the built environment, including even the transportation systems, public spaces, stormwater management systems, and other lesser celebrated site aspects. Creative placemaking is both a component of a healthy, resilient, equitable, thriving community […]

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Did You Know? The Lehigh River

“The River Beckons” The first ever tagline for The Waterfront project. In fact, this whole project is based completely around the Lehigh River; it was imperative to concentrate on the waterway’s natural scenery and serene atmosphere. There is a deficit of waterfront property available in the Lehigh Valley, but the benefits and quality of life […]

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Creating The Perfect Waterfront Destination

By | Erica Line Will Cockrell, writer at Outside Magazine begged the question, “What makes the perfect waterfront development?”… The Waterfront answered the question. “Developers want rivers lined with high-rises and environmentalists want reintroduction of native grasses. A successful waterfront revitalization needs both.” There are five main ingredients for a successful waterfront development, and here they […]

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The Waterfront Inspiration: Tom McCall Waterfront Park

By | Erica Line The plan for this park came at the turn of the century when the 1903 Olmsted Report pointed out the need not only for parks within the city, but for a greenway scheme for the riverbanks in order to ensure their preservation for future generations. The 1912 Bennett Plan again showed […]

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