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The Waterfront Inspiration: Savannah, Georgia

By | Naseeba Saeed During The Waterfront planning process, a variety of successful waterside projects were explored for inspiration to cultivate future possibilities for the Lehigh Valley. Savannah River Street demonstrates the impressive potential of an urban renewal with the introduction of an active waterfront. This waterfront district, in particular, tells the story of how […]

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The Waterfront Brings Green Space to Urban Living

By | Naseeba Saeed Cities provide benefits like booming commerce, endless entertainment, and vibrant culture, but what is missing from this recipe for success? In the past, urban living was stereotypically associated with a lack of green, open space. Fortunately, this cliché is quickly shifting with the incorporation of smart development practices. An increasing number […]

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The Waterfront

Jaindl Enterprises and The Waterfront Advance to Next Stages of Development Plan

ALLENTOWN, PA – February 15, 2018 – At a Special Press Event held February 7th, Zachary Jaindl, COO and co-founder of Jaindl Enterprises and Jaindl Properties, updated attendees on the current status of ongoing projects and reviewed what is next to come in the next phase of the company’s long-term development blueprint. Among these announcements, […]

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Easton Public Market

The Importance of Public Markets

As we discovered in our post ‘Great Places and Where to Find Them,’ not all great public spaces are parks.  With the recent opening of the Easton Public Market, this truth is made clear.  This being so, it seems high time we explored one of the most exciting forms of public space, the public market. […]

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The Bean - Chicago

The Importance of Public Art

Public art:  subject of praise, derision, censorship, and defense.  Public art, by its very nature, is fundamentally different from its private counterpart.  Public art isn’t just art for the wealthy or those inclined to visit museums and gallery shows, it is art for everyone.  One New York Times op-ed said on public art “With outdoor […]

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Lehigh Valley Structural Steel

Paying Homage to Lehigh Valley Structural Steel

With all our focus on the future of Allentown’s waterfront, it is easy to forget that which came before. A cardinal sin of Placemaking is forgetting the things that make the place unique, forgetting its heritage and history. So let us take the same enthusiasm we have for the Waterfront, and remember Lehigh Structural Steel, the […]

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