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8 Waterfront Development Pitfalls

While waterfront development seems like a tried and true slam-dunk for municipalities with the resources, not every waterfront is developed equal. Cities that operate under an ‘if you build it, they will come’ mentality may stumble as they go and find themselves with a waterfront devoid of people – which is, by definition, a failure. For […]

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The Tilghman Street Bridge from The Waterfront Site

The Lehigh River, The Waterfront, and the Blue Mind

From the very founding of Allentown as Northampton Town in 1762, to the great industrial boom of the 19th and 20th centuries, to today, the Lehigh River has played an integral role in the city’s success. As the natural heart of the valley, the Lehigh River is deeply intertwined with Allentown’s character making its accessibility […]

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Helsinki, Finland

Great Urban Waterfront Spotlight: Helsinki, Finland

For the world’s northernmost metropolitan area, winters are hard, dark, and long.  So when the sun reappears, and lingers, in the bright spring and summer months, the city wakes up.   Helsinki, Finland, the capital city of the Land of the Midnight Sun, sits as a jewel upon the Baltic Sea, shining in the light of […]

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Great Urban Riverfronts

Data shows that spending time in, on, or around water can result in a myriad of social, emotional, and health benefits.  A 2014 report by the Center for Occupational & Environmental Health at UCLA even asserted that the “creation of urban river parkways is an essential tool for improving community health.”  So, while you’re anxiously […]

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Blue Gym Blog Post Header

Blue Mind: This is Your Brain on Water

  Whether searching the universe or roaming here at home humans have always sought to be by or near water. It’s estimated that 80 percent of the world’s population lives within sixty miles of the coastline of an ocean, lake, or river.  – Wallace J. Nichols, Blue Mind

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Social Benefits

Smart Growth: Social Benefits

We have finally reached the last installment of our Smart Growth series, and while the social benefits of Smart Growth are the hardest of its many benefits to measure and quantify, they are no less important to the overall health and vibrance of a community.  

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