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Human Health Benefits

Smart Growth: Human Health Benefits

Above and beyond efficiency, economics, and the environment, our built environments are created, fundamentally, for us, for the people who inhabit them. As such, we demand that they provide us with more than just shelter but with a safe place to build our lives. Basic amongst our many needs is our health. While life is […]

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Environmental Benefits of Smart Growth

Smart Growth: Environmental Benefits

As this week’s COP 21, United Nations Climate Change Conference draws to a close we’d all do well to reflect on the ways our lifestyles impact the environment.  While we’re inclined, not wrongfully so, to assess the cars we drive and our consumption habits, we are likely to overlook one of the largest elements of […]

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Smart Growth: Economic Benefits

As much as we may like to promote the feel good societal benefits of Smart Growth, you may find yourself asking, “Fine, Smart Growth is great for social cohesion, it’s great for the environment, it’s great for public health, but give me the bottom line, what’s it going to cost?”

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Ceremonial Shovels in Ground

The Waterfront Groundbreaking Ceremony

Despite light rain, yesterday’s groundbreaking ceremony was a resounding success.  Upwards of 100 attendees packed under our tent at The Waterfront site to help commemorate the momentous occasion.

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Smart Growth: Time to Grow Smarter

In an earlier post we looked at the strip mall, patron saint of suburban sprawl. Let’s return again to that image, as it’s so useful.  When discussing Placemaking, we noted the suite of features that makes strip malls so distinctively indistinct, un-walkable roads, car centric locations, utilitarian architecture, single use zoning, and so on.  

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Placemaking III Blog Header

Placemaking (Part III): Allentown

In the past two installments of our Placemaking series we’ve covered what Placemaking is, what it can do for a city, and examples of exemplary places across America.  In this final installment we’ll put these principals into focus here in Allentown.

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