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Riverside Living

Exploring the Benefits of Waterside Living

It’s no secret that a majority of people prefer to live near a body of water, let alone directly beside one. But did you know there are actual health benefits to living near the water…for example, the Lehigh River? Believe it!

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Discovering the Riverfront Wilmington

For our second installment of national waterfront’s that helped to inspire the development team in creating The Waterfront, is Riverfront Wilmington, in Delaware. Settled along the Christina and Brandywine Rivers, Riverfront Wilmington’s site and subsequent development have a very similar story to that of our project.

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The Waterfront Co-Hosts Event with CREW

With every passing month, The Waterfront is getting closer and closer to the beginning of construction. Together, with strong partnerships with organizations like CREW, The Waterfront Development Company is educating individuals on what the project entails, and how people can get involved.

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Owner’s of Bethlehem’s Bayou Bringing New Fare to Allentown

It’s no secret that one of the most exciting parts of Allentown’s makeover is the dining options that come with it. The demand for good food is high and so far, the competition is fierce. The leadership behind The Bayou in restaurant have thrown their hat into the game. Introducing: Grain. 

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The Waterfront Receives ANIZDA Approval

The Waterfront Wins ANIZDA Approval

There are countless hurdles to conquer in bringing to life a development project such as The Waterfront. This past Wednesday, we accomplished a major one: ANIZDA, the Allentown Neighborhood Improvement Zone Development Authority, unanimously voted in approval of Phase I of The Waterfront.

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Introducing the New American Parkway Bridge

Introducing the New American Parkway Bridge

By now you have probably heard about the construction of a new bridge in Allentown: the federally-funded American Parkway bridge has been discussed for roughly 50 years, so for some it’s hard to believe that it’s actually happening.

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