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Have a question about leasing? Interested to know more about the status of The Waterfront?

Our team of dedicated professionals are here to answer your questions. From building availability to the current projected timeline and more we are happy to answer any questions you may have when it comes to Allentown’s Newest Destination and the region’s up-and-coming Riverside District.

For general inquiries relating to specific features, events, and more about the Waterfront, contact us here.

For more information on our general office leasing, click here or reach out the appropriate contact listed below.

For more information regarding the current availability of residential apartments and the availability of future apartment buildings, click here.

For more information relating to available restaurant and retail space, click here.

For all inquiries please contact:

610.774.9511 | moc.tnorfretaWehTnull@gnisaeL

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For information regarding residential and commercial leasing, contact The Waterfront.

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