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The Waterfront BlogThe Waterfront Brings Green Space to Urban Living

The Waterfront Brings Green Space to Urban Living

By | Naseeba Saeed

Cities provide benefits like booming commerce, endless entertainment, and vibrant culture, but what is missing from this recipe for success? In the past, urban living was stereotypically associated with a lack of green, open space. Fortunately, this cliché is quickly shifting with the incorporation of smart development practices. An increasing number of millennials are moving to the city, thus encouraging developers to focus on green living and sustainability.

It is projected that nearly 1 million people will make the Lehigh Valley home by 2040. With millennials leading this aggressive growth, areas that merge the benefits of the outdoors with an urban setting will be a prime location for young professionals. Green space provides several advantages beyond the prospect of environmental health. The introduction of green space in a city improves human health and the overall quality of life for the community.

For these reasons, The Waterfront master plan includes a rain garden, intertwining gardens lined with walking pathways, hundreds of trees, a bustling river walk surrounded by groomed greenery, and a bike path to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The walkable campus was specifically designed to balance both work and personal life in order to create the ultimate, nature-inspired urban experience.

Other benefits of incorporating green space include reduced soil erosion, improved air quality, disease prevention, and water quality protection. Open spaces bring people of all ages together while simultaneously promoting a greener future. The increased social interaction fosters a sense of community, which should always be the primary goal of a public area. The balance of the lively city combined with the beauty of nature creates the ideal destination for scenic dining, shopping, exercising and relaxing. This clever blend of the city with green space is the optimal way to merge the vast benefits of city life with residential living.

The Waterfront will not just incorporate green space into certain areas but integrate it all around the campus offering residents and visitors countless ways to enjoy the outdoors. The focus of The Waterfront has always been to create a multipurpose campus that offers endless opportunities. The inclusion of green space was a key factor in delivering that promise.

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