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Preserving the Past. Building the Future.

Jaindl Properties, LLC was founded by Mark W. Jaindl and Zachary J. Jaindl in July 2011. The father and son team, together with a passion for both history and smart growth, formulated a business plan in order to properly utilize many of the Lehigh Valley’s architectural gems while capitalizing on the region’s specific market demands and key accessibility to major regional metropolitan areas. The full-service real estate company has embarked on a number of major historical renovations as well as some larger urban redevelopments.

The first acquisition following the company’s founding was the 1519 W Hamilton Street in Allentown back in 2011. The former mansion, built by Alexander Shimer in 1907, had sat unoccupied for a number of years. After an extensive renovation Jaindl Properties opted to make the building their headquarters, using the aesthetics of the property as a testament to their dedication to quality. In addition to the Shimer Building Jaindl Properties has renovated and repurposed a series of historical mansions along Allentown’s formerly famous “Millionaire’s Row” in the West Park area.

In addition to their work in West Park the company has set plans in motion for the grand halls of the Lehigh Valley Trust Building: the former headquarters of one of the largest and most well known financial institutions in the region. While the building has sat vacant for some time, Jaindl Properties will be converting the space into a full service wedding and event venue in order to host some of the region’s most opulent weddings in the heart of Allentown’s renaissance.

Mark and Zachary Jaindl are fourth and fifth generation Allentownians respectively. Their business model is rooted around honesty and integrity in business and is driven forward by their passion for progress and smart growth within our region’s urban cores.

For more information on Jaindl Properties, visit their website here.

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