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The Waterfront BlogThe Waterfront Inspiration: Savannah, Georgia

The Waterfront Inspiration: Savannah, Georgia

By | Naseeba Saeed

During The Waterfront planning process, a variety of successful waterside projects were explored for inspiration to cultivate future possibilities for the Lehigh Valley. Savannah River Street demonstrates the impressive potential of an urban renewal with the introduction of an active waterfront. This waterfront district, in particular, tells the story of how a deserted site became a source of prosperity and achievement for the city of Savannah. When looking at this thriving tourist destination, it reminds us of the journey ahead for The Waterfront project.

How exactly did this historic river street transform into a top travel destination? A renewal project of this magnitude takes years of planning, preparation, and execution to come to fruition. Skeptics initially saw The Savannah River Project as a far-fetched dream during its early stages, but its completion brought a feeling of celebration as new opportunities opened up for the local community.  

Once completed, the Savannah waterfront immediately began boosting the city’s economy, re-energizing its spirit, and completely reviving the city. The once abandoned area flourished into a bustling district with countless restaurants, local shops, art galleries, and that was just the beginning.

The Savannah Waterfront has shown that a focus on community paired with careful planning can completely transform a city. The Lehigh Valley Waterfront will include a signature River Walk, outdoor amphitheaters for performances, community social pads, programmable plazas, and those are just a few of the highlighted amenities. Community members will have the opportunity to enjoy live entertainment, seasonal festivals, recreational activities, and more surprises to come. By observing the other successful waterside renewal projects, it showed The Waterfront planning team endless possibilities for the future of the Lehigh Valley.

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