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Thrive At the waterfront


At The Riverside District

The Waterfront is a mixed-use campus designed to balance work and life the way many people now come to expect from vibrant, walkable smart urban campuses. The site itself will offer a number of programmable outdoor entertainment spaces, including both Allen Street and Furnace Street Plazas.  Also planned, community social pads between buildings 615 Waterfront Drive and 645 Waterfront Drive in Phase I, as well connecting 715 Waterfront Drive and 745 Waterfront Drive buildings in Phase II. The signature River Walk, which is unique to the Lehigh Valley, offers more than a half-mile of direct river frontage and will circle around Wharf Street, offering a mile and a quarter of garden-lined walking and biking paths for tenants, residents, and visitors alike.

Waterfront Drive, the main throughway on site, will enhance the urban feel of the site through the introduction of street-level retail and restaurant locations while offering flexible and programmable space. When linked to the River Walk via the site’s signature plazas and patios, The Waterfront itself becomes an ideal location for outdoor shows, festivals, and events.

The River WalkRiver Walk

A half-mile stretch along the Lehigh River equipped with two floating docks, intertwining garden-lined pathways, and a series of outdoor recreational areas to enjoy the water views.

Racially Ambiguous Found Love - Outdoors - Stock ImageAllen Street Plaza

One of two fully-programmable outdoor plazas to be built on-site, the Allen Street plaza will be constructed directly next to 615 Waterfront Drive in Phase I of the project.

Furnace Street PlazaFurnace Plaza

The second of two fully-programmable outdoor plazas to be built on-site, the Furnace Street plaza will be constructed directly next to 745 Waterfront Drive in Phase II of the project.

Waterfront Drive

A retail and restaurant-lined main street that bisects The Waterfront project from north to south. The street will provide a nice urban streetscape to compliment the river’s serenity.

Upcoming EventsEvents

The Waterfront will continue to host events through construction and occupancy, celebrating progress as well as a host of signature festivals and recreational activities programmed by our experienced staff.

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