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River Walk

The River Walk is an entirely unique aspect of The Waterfront development in Allentown, Pennsylvania: it is the only River Walk regionally that actually allows tenants, residents and visitors to directly access the Lehigh River.

The River Walk extends for a half mile along the western banks of the Lehigh; stretching from the southern border of The Waterfront site (near 560 Waterfront Drive) up to the Lehigh River Trestle to the north. In addition to the intertwining garden-lined pathways, the River Walk boasts two floating docks, rain gardens, amphitheaters for outdoor performances and shows, and two programmable plazas.

The River Walk runs parallel to The Waterfront’s urban main street: Waterfront Drive. Both of the project’s main walkable corridors are linked at either end by the Allen and Furnace Street Plazas. The Allen Street Plaza, to be constructed in Phase I, offers a historical throwback to the site’s former industrial heritage through the revitalization of refurbished crane runs, original to the site. The Furnace Street Plaza, located on the north end of the site in Phase II, is home to a number of reflecting pools and a sloped lawn perfect for festivals or live shows.

The River Walk, like The Waterfront itself, will be built out in two phases: the first half will be constructed along with the Phase I Buildings (all those south of the Tilghman Street Bridge), the second half will be constructed along with the northern buildings once Phase II commences.

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