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Waterfront Drive

Lehigh River District

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Waterfront Drive

Waterfront Drive, the main throughway of The Waterfront development, connects each of the project’s twelve new buildings while creating a dynamic urban landscape for tenants, residents and visitors alike. With more than 100,000 square feet of first floor retail and more than 45,000 square feet of first floor restaurant space, Waterfront Drive will become an urban promenade for a mix of neighborhood retail locations as well as a diverse portfolio of specialty restaurants.

Waterfront Drive runs parallel to both The Waterfront’s signature River Walk as well as the newly proposed Riverside Drive. Framed on both sides by two outdoor programmable plazas (Allen and Furnace Street Plazas), Waterfront Drive and the River Walk “loop” forms more than a mile of programmable space perfect for outdoor programming throughout the year. A private shuttle service will be provided from The Waterfront to Allentown’s developing center city.


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