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Planning Commission

The Waterfront Receives Final Plan Approval

On Wednesday, November 13th the Allentown Planning Commission granted final plan approval for Phase I of the $300 million project along the western banks of the Lehigh River.

So what does this mean?

The Waterfront Redevelopment Partners, consisting of Jaindl Properties, have been going through every detail of their riverside district project for months now. After extensive collaboration between the developers and various departments within the City of Allentown, the partners were given the OK to proceed with their development. Phase I, which is all of the former Lehigh Structural Steel Site south of the Tilghman Street Bridge, will include the first half of both Waterfront Drive, the site’s main street, and The River Walk at The Waterfront which will grant the public unique opportunities to experience the Lehigh River like never before. Phase I also includes four separate buildings (three office buildings and one residential apartment complex) as well as a public plaza and parking deck.

What about the traffic concerns mentioned in earlier articles?

With any new development there will be an increase in traffic: The Waterfront is taking 26-acres of dramatically underutilized industrial land and turning it into a vibrant mixed-use campus bringing thousands of new jobs, living options, retail districts and restaurant and night life opportunities. In this case, however, the developers have worked with the city engineers and came to agreement to personally improve the intersections with traffic signals by installing high-end adaptive systems to help move traffic in easier, more intelligent ways. With the new improvements the city believes all intersections will operate at acceptable levels.

And what about the neighborhoods around Front Street?

There are no plans to remove any housing or neighborhoods beyond the train tracks on the western side of our site. We are only improving the area included in our master plan.

When are you going to start work on the Hamilton Street Crossing and rest of the riverfront?

Those are separate projects – different developers are working along the Lehigh River. Our plans are strictly regarding the 1,000,000 square foot development on either side of the Tilghman Street Bridge.

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