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The Waterfront is more than just a place to live and work: the dynamically planned mixed-use campus integrates both retail and restaurant space along Waterfront Drive and the site’s signature River Walk.

Each of the twelve buildings at The Waterfront will offer first floor retail and restaurant space with more than 165,000 square feet of retail and restaurant planned. The Waterfront can accommodate both large and small operations with a unique layout suited for any size. Waterfront Drive, the site’s main throughway, was designed with retail and restaurant in mind, by integrating pull-in parking on both sides of the main street. The architectural team maximized storefront exposure while focusing on high quantity parking and logistical ease.

The Waterfront, between all office tenants and The Waterfront Development Company, is projected to employ more than 2,900 individuals on site and house more than 750 residents between all of the proposed apartment complexes. This will sustain a constant flow of patrons throughout the lively campus.

The prime location just off a number of major highways, combined with the incredible benefits of Allentown’s unique Neighborhood Improvement Zone, The Waterfront can offer potential retail and restaurant tenants incredible water views within an urban core all at unbelievably achievable lease rates.

For more information about retail and restaurant opportunities at The Waterfront, click on the links below or visit our retail and restaurant leasing page here.

Shopping at The Waterfront

Retail Opportunities

Retail is an important part of The Waterfront: to accommodate the needs of an estimated more than 3,650 people on site daily, as well as visitors, is paramount to the future prosperity of the site. Learn where your business will fit in.

Dining at The Waterfront

Restaurant Opportunities

Water views have always been a major draw in the restaurant business. Factor in a vibrant main street promenade and thousands of potential customers within walking distance. Learn about opportunities for your business.

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