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Water Views Meet Urban Energy

Imagine a location, minutes off major highways, that combines water views, a wealth of on-site potential customers and a dynamic urban energy all with unbelievable rental rates and opportunities to help you and your business grow and prosper. That place is becoming a reality.

The Waterfront is a masterfully designed mixed-use campus that flawlessly combines Class A office, state-of-the-art apartments, a main street retail promenade and a series of riverside patios for year-round dining opportunities. Between six office buildings and four apartment complexes, The Waterfront will introduce in excess of 2,900 employees and an estimated 750 residents to the fully built out site. In addition, a programming team dedicated to bringing unique and energetic festivals and opportunities to the banks of the Lehigh will draw thousands of additional customers. Thus, making The Waterfront an ideal location for restaurants of all sizes.

With a private shuttle running between Allentown’s newest Riverside District and the city’s developing downtown, as well as two public transport stops on either end of the site, traveling between Pennsylvania’s third largest city’s up-and-coming neighborhoods has never been easier!

For more information on restaurant opportunities at The Waterfront, visit our leasing page here

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